Les Garderies K.I.D.S. Infrastructure

Les Garderies K.I.D.S. is a chain of daycares in the Montreal region. I completed a number of projects for this group. Below you can find a select list of projects, some associated photos, and testimonials.

Video Viewing Screens

One of the video viewing screens.

Daycare staff needed access to live video streams of different areas of the daycares so that they can keep watch of everything going on. For this I installed a number of PoE cameras alongside custom video viewing screens which were placed around the daycares.

Seeing how its put together.

Each viewing screen system was built from a PoE enabled Raspberry Pi computer, and some custom software. They each display a 3x3 grid of live camera feeds. The system is programmed to automatically turn on at the start of opening hours and turn off at the end of each day.

A variant mounted on plywood to hide pre-existing wall damage.

Card Access System

Two installed RFID card access / doorbell systems with a display screen undergoing a video test.

A series of different card access (RFID) keypad/doorbells were installed. These limit access to only those who are allowed entry, and only during opening hours.

Wiring for electromagnetic strike and networking that is hidden in the ceiling.

All of the wiring was done neatly and kept accessible but hidden in case future maintenance or repairs need to be done. The power for the electromagnetic door strikes are centralized so that only a single power supply is needed, and that the doors continue to work if there is a power failure.

Centralized power for all of the electromagnetic door strikes in the building which runs off of a UPS.

Installation of the readers is fairly straight-forward if you’re good at manipulating small wires and have the skills to fish cables in difficult locations.

Installation of a card access reader.

Close-up of the card access wiring.

Card access reader is almost installed.

Installed and working keypad and door strike, and can be used as card access (RFID) and as an audio doorbell.

The coordinator computer has access to a single database that she modifies to select which parents and staff have access, to which doors, and on which schedules. When the database is modified, a custom script written in golang talks to the API of each card access keypad to declaratively program the user access tables. The keypads themselves are provisioned automatically with mgmt.

Core Networking and Routing

Their newest location has a modern, entirely IP system. The location was wired with 72 drops. These were used to wire IP telephones, IP cameras, video viewing stations, electronic information display screens, computers, printers, card access door entry and doorbell systems and building-wide and outdoor wireless networking. A patch panel system was chosen to enable the customer to make fast, easy changes to their network as the need arises.

Facing the main rack.

The system begins with a Linux-powered software router and firewall. This system also provides dhcp, runs scheduled tasks (powering on/off of certain devices after hours) and hosts an IRCdns server for remote access.

The router/firewall/etc is a Linux machine running CentOS and can be seen at the top right.

Power for the electromagnetic door-latches is centralized and UPS-powered, as is all of the networking infrastructure. Since the phones and cameras are also PoE powered, all of this infrastructure keeps working in the event of a power outage. All outside devices have proper grounding and surge protection. The telephone system and door-access system is a SIP phone system powered by a local Asterisk server. It provides voicemail, paging, door DTMF opening, and many other features. The individual phones and door-access keypads are provisioned automatically with mgmt.

Cabling was done as elegantly as possible, but drops were not actually combed, as the customer wanted to save on installation costs.

Satellite networks

There are a few smaller networks at different locations. Each has a small rack and Linux powered router/firewall.

New patch panel in progress.

The installation here is very compact, uses a vertical rack and is close to the ceiling because space is at a premium in this location.

Networking gear for computers, printers, wireless, cameras and viewscreens.

A close-up of the nicely labelled rack.


James was instrumental to bringing our operations into the 21st century, with our own private server, video monitoring, and telephony. His wiring was impeccable, with virtually no damage or visible modifications to our facilities. Most importantly, we were never told what we cannot do, rather given options for how to achieve our goals.

– Mitchell Vatch, Executive Vice President, Les Garderies K.I.D.S.

James is very knowledgeable at what he does, he is efficient and gets the work done quickly. James is nice to work with and has a positive attitude. He installed our phone system, computers, cameras, card access system and electronic information display screens. He provided the step-by step instructions to ensure that we were able to learn the new system with ease. We are extremely pleased with his work and would highly recommend him.

– Stephanie Parker, Coordinator of K.I.D.S. Premiere Location

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