Mgmt Config

After having spent well over five years using and writing Puppet, I decided that I had some designs for a next generation automation tool. This eventually became what is now known as Mgmt Config or mgmt.

Mgmt runs as a distributed system.

The project has a number of novel features, including an event-based execution engine, a reactive domain specific language (DSL) and the ability to execute in parallel. A cluster of mgmt agents can self-coordinate and run as a distributed system using the raft consensus algorithm.

Mgmt can automatically transform this...

...into this more efficient version!

Mgmt uses special graph theory algorithms to analyze and transform the stream of execution graphs that are produced when running the DSL. As a result, the work done is safer, more intelligent, and maximally efficient.

Speaking and Sharing

Mgmt has been shared at a number of conferences all over the world.

James showing off some lives demos of mgmt.

A full-house for James giving an mgmt talk.

It has received great feedback and code submissions from over 75 unique contributors. A list with both recordings and ratings is available here.

Project page

The entire source code and main project page is available here.

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