yesiscan is a tool for performing automated license scanning. It takes many forms of user input, then runs a bunch of different analysis tools in parallel, and finally produces a customizable report which can easily be shared with your team. It has been designed to make license analysis simple for users, and easy to manage and configure for centralized legal teams.

yesiscan has a friendly web ui.

It can be used via a CLI, web ui, http API, or even imported as a library and built into your existing software.

It was initially developed for Amazon when I was working for their OSPO.


It can produce reports that make it easy to identify particular licenses or families of licenses.

Reports can be generated in various formats.

These can be automatically stored in a centralized manner, or shared directly with any interested parties. The reports can be customized to meet the reporting needs of your organization.


For consulting related to the yesican project, you can contact me with information about your specific needs.

Project page

The entire source code and new main project page is available here.

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