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Some time ago, I started a small mentoring program, to help interested learners improve their computer skills. I’ve taken on a small number of participants to keep quality high, and I think I’ve had some great results. Here are some of their testimonials.


When I decided to get back into IT after more than half a decade away from the field, I was in dire need of some direction and James came to the rescue. Within a week I was becoming proficient in Go and getting experience designing elegant solutions to real world problems. James was an extremely effective mentor, technically and professionally. At the end of the program I secured a fantastic job at a consulting firm, and have been very happy there for nearly two years.

– Jonathan

I have been participating in the mentorship program for about a year. I joined the mentorship program to improve my knowledge of systems programming and open source development. Purpleidea (My mentor) has been very helpful in facilitating my learning. The program uses a hands-off approach that allows for the necessary struggling to develop problem solving and self-learning skills. I would recommend this to anyone interested in open source development, Golang or systems programming.

– Donald

James introduced me to the world of GNU+Linux and has guided me through learning its ins and outs. Ever since, I truly can't imagine going back to proprietary operating systems. Through hacking with him, he has helped me learn the best practices of free / open source development, which is an invaluable skill that can be hard to learn all alone.

– Adam

James is a great mentor since on top of being knowledgable he is also able to effectively understand the skills that you can improve on and guide you towards the goal of becoming a better hacker based on your current skill level. He also has the ability to know when to give hints and when not to give hints which enriched my learning experience under him. I was happy to have him as a mentor since I could see my skills in Golang and Git increase significantly. He is also a fun person to hack with so the more you can meet with him the better.

– Raunak

More Information

More information about the program is available here.

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