Upcoming Speaking and Events
Where to get your mgmt fix in the next month

There are three upcoming mgmtconfig events happening within the next seven days!

mgmt @ FOSDEM:

On February 3rd, I’ll be giving a talk in the golang devroom at FOSDEM. Please come early (1hr+) if you want to get a seat, usually this room is especially full. This happens in Brussels, but it should be recorded if there aren’t any technical glitches.

(I got rejected for the main track, but it’s my fault because I need to make my work more generally appealing first.)

mgmt @ CfgMgmtCamp:

On February 5th, I’ll be giving a talk in the main track at CfgMgmtCamp, which immediately follows FOSDEM. This is in Ghent, which is a 30 min train ride away. It’s preferable to sleep in Ghent if you are attending the conference.

mgmt workshop @ CfgMgmtCamp:

On the last day of the event, there will be an mgmt workshop, which is also free to attend. I do ask you to sign-up in advance or email me to me plan for capacity.


I’ll be giving out stickers at all of these events, and in the hallways if you find me! Feel free to stop me and say hi.

An early mgmt sticker collector might have all of these stickers!

Hacking around the world:

After all that winds down, I’ll be In Ghent for another week until February 13th to hack on mgmt and eat local cuisine. Feel free to contact me if you’re in the area and would like to hack.


This entire trip is currently self-sponsored. If you can help out financially, please let me know, your donations would be greatly appreciated. Corporate friends can also contact me for a professional sponsorship package.

New features!:

There’s lots of new stuff in mgmt. I’ll announce and demo more at the events!


It’s not easy self-funding such a project off my savings, so every patch or donation really helps!

Happy Hacking,


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January 31, 2024
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