Extracting movies from libreoffice

I have a short movie that I imported into a libreoffice presentation. I wanted a copy of that movie back, but I couldn’t figure out how to extract a copy. In desperation, I figured I’d try opening the file with file-roller, the GNOME archive manager.

[email protected]:/tmp$ file mgmt-berlin-osdc-17may2017.odp 
mgmt-berlin-osdc-17may2017.odp: OpenDocument Presentation
[email protected]:/tmp$ mkdir out
[email protected]:/tmp$ file-roller -f mgmt-berlin-osdc-17may2017.odp -e out/
[email protected]:/tmp$ cd out/
[email protected]:/tmp/out$ ls
Configurations2/ Media/ meta.xml Pictures/ styles.xml
content.xml META-INF/ mimetype settings.xml Thumbnails/
[email protected]:/tmp/out$

To my amazement, this worked perfectly! I found my video in the Media/ folder, and out it came! You can do this entirely with the GUI if you prefer:

This is the graphical view of file-roller, opening up a libreoffice .ods presentation file.

As you can assume, pictures are also available. I haven’t cared to dig much further, but hopefully you enjoyed this tip!

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