Now syndicated on “Planet Fedora”

I’m now syndicated on the Fedora Project planet. If you haven’t read through my blog yet, let me introduce myself, I’m James, and I write The Technical Blog of James.

I’m a sysadmin, DevOps/Puppet hacker, I.T./network architect and physiologist. Hi! I run Fedora as my primary desktop, but I also use it for servers, particularly for development before future versions of RHEL and CentOS release.

I’m most well-known for Puppet-Gluster, but I’ve also written a decent Puppet-IPA (FreeIPA) module. I’m currently working on porting Puppet-Gluster to Fedora and looking forward to the upcoming release of Fedora 20.

Please feel free to comment or contact me and tell me which articles you like, and which you don’t. I’m on Twitter, and on IRC as purpleidea.

Happy hacking,



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