n900 features that should be added

i decided i’d compile a short list of features / functionality which should be added to the new nokia N900 to make it totally pro. it’s pretty good as it is, despite it not working with the bell networks. i’ve attempted to order this list in order of importance (more or less).

  • all the closed source bits must become free software under a GPL or AGPL license.
  • it should support a fully encrypted file system. if i lose my phone, i shouldn’t worry that all my data or contacts get stolen!
  • addresses that are stored in contacts should integrate with maps program. (currently they only display)
  • the stock maps tool should integrate nicely with the rest of the phone. currently it’s a bit of a sore thumb. confusing too. also it’s green.
  • screen/interfaces should support multi touch.
  • user should be able to choose username instead of default “user”
  • hostname should match bluetooth name, etc… on device, one name.
  • it should support the “usb on the go” host functionality. i’d like to be able to plug in a usb key and be able to copy files to and from it.
  • better battery, if even only an upgrade to the 1500mAh version.
  • once plugged in via usb, it would be nice to be able to unmount as usb device while retaining the charging functionality. currently, when you click on the notification area thing, usb mass storage mode is connected, but there is no software way to disconnect. (that i know of) this is important because you can’t access the files through your phone when mounted.
  • user should be able to specify which accounts notify you of new messages and which don’t. same for which do periodic updates and when.
  • default shell should be bash, not busybox, and it should include usual software like “man”.
  • should include stock ir remote control software, that has a large database of hardware including radios, air conditioners and weird tvs. irreco needs some serious work.
  • people sometimes click on contacts to view data eg a phone number or address to use on a different phone or otherwise. it should be easy to zoom into to read.
  • my gps should just work. (it doesn’t seem to at the moment for some reason)
  • since i change my wireless WEP keys often, and always forget them, the phones wireless manager should integrate nicely with aircrack-ng to easily help me recover my lost WEP key.
  • it could be a little thinner. it’s a bit of a brick as it stands. i could overlook this problem if it did everything above.
  • battery life indicator could benefit from having a countdown timer (sure it would change based on usage, but it would give users an approximate idea)
  • the cameras should be able to function as a usb camera for the computer when the device is plugged in. (over bluetooth could be nice too)
unfortunately i haven’t mentioned this phones positive features– many before me have– there are many! overall it’s a nice package and i look forward to seeing improvements to the above.

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March 2, 2010
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